vortx of distorsun

Coming out of South Central, California, Vortx Of Distorsun presents their debut album on Joe Left Hand Records; a positive blend of fresh hip hop music that makes you want to listen again and again. An album that mixes the best of new school and true school hip hop samples with production from a collective of Dion Brown, Jams da Boombox, Life Line Eternal, Cool D, In Otha Wordz; with lyrics from Vortx of Distorsun on all tracks, featuring Azra Nawal vocal samples chopped and spread all over the album. An album that makes you think of the blues of Sun House to the jazz of Sun Ra over drums, from Clyde Stubblefield mixed by Bob Pwer. This is that soulful jazzy production that makes you want to listen over and over.







"Vortx of Distorsun are a somewhat mysterious collective."

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